Wayback Burgers has a long history of success with their fast-casual idea and offering only the freshest and most tempting burgers. Started in 1991, Wayback Burgers was opened in Delaware by John Carter under the name Jake’s Hamburger. It was a tremendous success and lead to the beginning of franchising in the early 2000s, introducing their new name which is Jake’s Wayback Burgers in the year 2010. Wayback Burgers has expanded to multiples states across The United States and internationally. Wayback Burgers finally opened its doors in Malaysia in 2017 at a suburb just 15km away from the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Taman Melawati. Retaining the same freshness and tasty burgers people have long enjoyed in America with some new meals to complement with local tastes, Wayback Burgers Malaysia has garnered a significant number of regulars that just can’t resist their scrumptious menu.


Wayback Delights is a locally owned company which holds the Master Franchise License of Wayback Burgers in Peninsular Malaysia. Our company comprises a group of management team that has over 20 years of experience in multiples areas that include retail, marketing and F&B. In addition, we share similar values towards our business partners in ensuring commitment and dedication in which could help bringing Wayback Burgers Malaysia to the hearts of our customers and ensuring only the topmost quality in our menu.


We are a group of friends that have a common liking, which is burgers. Hence, with this one big reason, we are making sure the burgers we serve and prepare only to be in the greatest quality and could attract customers with similar interest. The main focus for Wayback Delights is serving only the highest quality food which comes at a great value. This is to ensure we could serve a wider number of customers and to make sure they keep coming back for our food. Furthermore, Wayback Burgers provides a combination of Fast Casual Dining, in which the food are made the moment customers placed their order, an excellent food at value pricing, fun and interesting packaging combined with our relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. The never-frozen patty, with wide selection of authentic hand-dipped milkshakes, coupled with innovative modern and classic design of our restaurant will ensure a trendy and fresh experience that could entice customers especially youngsters to bring along their friends and family and dine in with us.

When people look at a restaurant, they tend to look at the business model. They look at the store. They observe the menu and they observe the food. However, they also put a high emphasis and significance on how you run the company. How to keep the company going smoothly. What method of management may be included so that the company could achieve long-lasting success. These main focus are what Wayback Delights values with our utmost integrity by making sure our goal, ‘ maintaining the competitive fast-casual dining by serving high-quality, never-frozen patty at a great value’ will always stay true and make Wayback Burgers Malaysia unique from our competitors.